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Reishi & Maitake Mushroom Vegicaps

Reishi & Maitake Mushroom Vegicaps

These mushrooms are cherished for their ability to boost the immune system. With their rich supply of antioxidants and vitamin D, they truly offer a complete package!


When it comes to enhancing immunity, the best approach is a holistic one that benefits the entire body.


Reishi mushrooms provide a wide range of potential health advantages. Regular consumption of these mushrooms may support the immune system, reduce inflammation, induce relaxation, improve sleep, and help manage stress and anxiety. Reishi mushrooms also have the potential to promote heart health and possess antioxidant properties.


The name "Maitake" comes from Japanese, meaning "dancing mushroom." Legend has it that people would dance with joy upon discovering this mushroom in the wild due to its incredible healing properties.


This mushroom belongs to the category of adaptogens, which help the body fight against various mental and physical challenges. They also aid in restoring balance to imbalanced bodily systems. While this mushroom can certainly be used in recipes for its taste, it is primarily considered a medicinal mushroom.

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