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Sun, 19 May


The Yoga Club Billericay

Chakra Immersion Part 2

Heart, Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakras

Chakra Immersion  Part 2
Chakra Immersion  Part 2

Time & Location

19 May 2024, 15:00 – 18:00

The Yoga Club Billericay, 10a Radford Cres, Billericay CM12 0DU, UK


About the event

Here is a breakdown of the event:

1. Talk on Chakras: This portion provides an informative discussion on what chakras are and how they relate to our life events and daily experiences. The talk may cover the different chakras within the body, their qualities, and how imbalances can impact our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Participants gain a deeper understanding of how chakras play a role in our overall lives.

2. Breathwork: A session dedicated to breathwork follows the talk. Breathwork techniques are introduced to support participants in connecting with their breath and its influence on the chakras. Various pranayama exercises may be practiced to enhance energy flow and balance within the body, fostering a harmonious state.

3. Physical Practice: This segment focuses on engaging in a physical practice that enables participants to explore the connection between specific poses and the chakras. Each chakra is associated with different senses, and specific poses and sequences are explored to activate and balance those senses.

- Heart Chakra (sense of touch): Backbends, such as bridge pose or camel pose, are practiced to open the heart centre and cultivate love and compassion.

- Throat Chakra (sense of sound): Mantra chanting and sound vibrations are incorporated to awaken and clear the throat chakra, allowing authentic expression and communication.

- Third Eye Chakra (sixth sense/insight): The perception of universal energy through practices such as Reiki or mindfulness exercises may be explored to access intuition and inner wisdom.

- Crown Chakra (connection with the divine): Practices that foster a sense of unity and connection with the universe, such as guided meditation or visualisation, may be incorporated.

4. Holistic Practice: This portion features a Cacao Ceremony, where participants come together to indulge in the sacred cacao plant while creating a Flower Mandala as a symbol of beauty and harmony. This ceremony aims to inspire heart opening and connection. Additionally, Kirtan, the devotional singing of chants and mantras, may be included to uplift and unite the group energetically.

5. Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath: The event concludes with a Yoga Nidra session, a guided meditation, and relaxation practice. This is accompanied by a Sound Bath, where participants experience the healing vibrations of instruments like singing bowls, gongs, or other calming sounds. This immersive experience resonates with the higher-self chakras, promoting deep relaxation and a sense of connection.

By exploring these practices, participants have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the chakras, experience energetic balancing, connect with their higher selves, and cultivate a state of inner peace and harmony


  • Chakra Immersion Part 2

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